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VMC Vintage Motor Controller


Provides complete motor control for vintage Leslie® dual stack motors.

The Vintage Motor Controller (VMC) from BookerLAB provides complete motor control for vintage Leslie® dual stack motors. And, with the ability to add Stop Mode and Memphis Mode, it is an affordable, accessible solution.

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The Vintage Motor Controller (VMC) can be controlled with a half-moon switch, a foot switch, the OB-1 MIDI controller, or the DMM AC Motor Monitor (internal or external) accessory. Each of these input devices can select Tremolo or Chorale speed, or Stop, while an optional second switch provides Stop Mode and Memphis Mode. Stop Mode means both sets of motors, upper and lower, are turned off, preventing rotation. Memphis Mode turns off both of the lower motors, preferred by some foot-pedal bass players. The VMC mounts inside or outside the Leslie® cabinet and receives AC power form the amplifier’s reverb outlet (or other suitable outlet). The upper and lower motors then plug into the VMC, as does the control switch.

The VMC is designed as a primary motor control system but can also function as a reliable spare or alternate control option. The addition of MIDI provides a solution for automated Leslies, as well as control from combination organs. For keyboard players, MIDI adds keyboard button control and synced playback.

The VMC is available in three configurations.

The based model includes four AC outlets for controlling vintage dual-stack motors, ideal for bypassing the Leslie amplifier for speed control.

The VMC-MM adds dual motor monitors that connect your stock Leslie amplifier, making it perfect for maintaining Leslie speed control changes from a stock amp.

The VMC-MIDI includes dual motor monitors and adds MIDI for the best of all three worlds: control your Leslie with a stock amplifier, external switch or MIDI.

The VMC is perfectly suited for

  • Keyboard players
  • Guitar players
  • Live concerts
  • DIY builders
  • Repair technicians
  • Recording studios
  • Studio and backline rental



Leslie® is a registered trademark of Hammond Suzuki Corporation

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Weight 45 oz
Dimensions 8.75 × 4.5 × 3.0 in


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